Saturday, February 6, 2010

Virginia Beach with Amy and Chace

I know it looks like he' being studly...but it was a bit chilly that day.
(Enough to make anyone's lips pucker!)

Amy and Chace had a bike for two...but you'd never know it. I had to take this pic from my bike with the camera behind my head (random shot) turned out pretty well, huh?

The boardwalk was a BLAST!

Some take the plunge...others just take off.

Can you tell who needs the shave?


Chace and Amy said...

I love the pics Julie!

Gayle and Curt Family Blog said...

great pics! Thanks for posting them!

Lynnette said...

Great pictures! The one of Chase puckering totally reminds me of Zoolander! Looks fun.

andrew said...

Nice pictures enjoy a lot.

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