Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Braden finally got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! What a great day it was! He was very excited. I think it may have been too much excitement in the build-up for Parker because as soon as Braden came out of the water Parker was right there on the edge and he says in his very loudest voice, "That was it??" Oh, if he only understood the truly eternal decision that was! It was really fun to have George and Addie there as well. We had a good time as ususal with them.



Yes, this is our little Parker coming down the wave. He was very brave to try it...didn't hesitate a bit! This wasn't the only thing to do there...there are actually 8 water slides, lazy river and all kinds of things to climb on. I have to say this is one of the most fun indoor waterparks I've ever been to....and one of the cleanest!
Mark would go only after Braden did it first, but he soon got the trick. If you fall off of your board the water pushes you right back to the top...hold onto your swimming suit for sure!

Mark did actually get up on his knees...maybe next year we'll try standing. Or....maybe he was just trying to impress the instructor....

Braden was the first one to try it and did really good when he didn't get washed back up over the top. He could actually go from side to side even!

This was just a funny shot, so I threw it in.


These are the hibernating baby bats. They were so cute there hanging on the ceiling. There was only one that we saw flying around trying to get out, but otherwise it was SNOOZE TIME!
This was like a little mini world cavern all in itself. It was only about three feet from top to bottom. It looked like a little elf or fairy town.

They actually held gown balls down in this area....okay, it was back in the day of prohibition, so they had parties down in this area, but they called them balls. It was very interesting. They've even had weddings there as recently as 1996.
These caverns were found in the 1800's by two 10 year-old boys that were rabbit hunting and chased a rabbit behind a boulder, moved the rocks and found this huge hole. There is no end that has been found to these caverns as yet. It was very interesting even to my kids!

Do you think Braden will ever give us a good face? What a goof! These hats were great until you look up. Parker looked up at one point and his hat came crashing to the ground. Even the tour guide jumped out of her skin. I swear we all thought the caves were coming in the way it vibrated around the room. It is funny now luckily.

MASSANUTTEN...not Mass of Nothin'

And it took a Dentist to get that tooth out! The googles might have been a little snug (note the red marks around the eyes)
It was a fun trip, but not so fun to pack for because we had to take winter stuff for the sledding hill and summer stuff for the pool!

I never said I was an expert at action shots...and it shows!

The CRAZY Train!