Monday, March 30, 2009

Braden Tree Climbing (or descending)

Okay, so there was a little "wait time" to also play in the sand.
Do a close up on this picture and you'll see a great smile...just hoping the teeth will work themselves out!

Don't worry, he doesn't hit her in the does look fun though, doesn't it?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

From Boy to Bobcat

Braden was pretty excited to get his first Cub Scout badge....he has made it to Bobcat. He was kindof embarassed up there in front of everyone, but there is a good group of boys in our den and it was pretty fun for him.

I didn't know they gave pins to the moms. Boy is there a lot to learn about this stuff! I am liking this program more and more. I know it doesn't look like much, but one day I will look back at this and just wish he'd want to pin something on me!

This was his first pack meeting and he got to be the "announcer" that did the flag ceremony ....with help... and he did great! I just wish I could find someone that would sew on these badges for me! It ALMOST makes me want to move to Utah where they have the lady that does a dollar a badge!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Seven Year Snow!

So here in Virginia we don't get much's been seven years since the last big snowfall and last Sunday was our big chance! It was GREAT! There was beautiful white packing snow to the tune of 8 inches. The kids have been out of school for 3 days and are finally going back tomorrow, albeit 2 hours late...what is that all about? All the trees do help to make it more beautiful. But my Azalea bushes that were weighted down to the ground didn't like it much, and we'll see how the dogwood and tulips do...there were due to come out soon.

This is Crackers. He was bigger than Parker, but not quite as tall as Braden. When I told Braden to put a banana on for a mouth I didn't think he'd PEEL it first! Boy did that make it easy for the neighborhood animals to enjoy! **Items of note would be the strawberry Nesquick that we sprinkled on his top to give him the tie-dyed t-shirt effect.
Other items of note could be the "cup of Joe" that he has on the end of his stick. That's what Parker called it. You might also notice the beautiful green hair coming out the top, that too was Parker's portion.

Don't ask me how I got this flipped around, but I guess this is how our house would look if it was backwards. You'll note that we took the banana out and put in peppercorns for the teeth...we tried raisins, but they were gone too fast. I think the peppercorns weren't much of a hit with the neighborhood animals....indigestion city! Maybe we should have done Tums for eyes.