Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay, so things got a little crazy at Hershey Park. Braden got a hold of the camera and showed us his true feelings.
The last time we were here Braden was the I guess next time we come he might be a Jolly, in the wink of an eye!
Parker was just a little disappointed that they didn't actually give him a real Reeses with his measurement! Again and again, the flying rides are the favorite
Parker was a little "grossed out" by the snake. You can tell by the look on his face, doesn't it tell it all?
You can tell by the hair on her head, doesn't it tell it all?
You can tell by the glasses on his face, doesn't it tell it all?

Braden took a ride on the giant kiss that went up above the park...yes, that's Hershey park all lit up in the background...he loved that ride.

These were the brave ones that went on the log ride and got wet...or the smart ones that wore their swimming suits that day...or the dumb ones that didn't know they would get so wet, you choose...oh, wait they are in the pictures below...

Amy and Alyssa BEFORE the ride starts....
Amy and Alyssa AFTER the ride starts.
Can you tell which one of us enjoyed the ride more?
I think this was a cry for help, but from whom?

Hot Chocolate was a necessity...not because we were at HERSHEY Park, but because everyone was a bit chilly that day after the water rides and shopping in the air conditioning

Except for the Ice Queen...she NEVER gets cold...just bring on the ice cream!
We hiked up to the Masonic Temple in DC (well, hiked might be a bit overexaggerated) but when we got up there we didn't see to much other than the water cooler as it would have been an hour tour that my kids would not have been able to handle, but at least we have this GREAT picture to show for our travels!