Saturday, February 6, 2010

IN THE WINK OF AN EYE: Virginia Beach with Amy and Chace

IN THE WINK OF AN EYE: Virginia Beach with Amy and Chace

Snow Days

Parker got the camera and had to document how happy he was there was no school!

I loved the snowflakes in the camera...doesn't get more real than that!

Doing whatever they can to stay warm these days...aren't they cute brothers?

Parker calls his sculpture "the Candle" he created with all his spare time.

I haven't gone crazy yet, but it's slowly feeling more and more
like summer vacation without the pool!

Virginia Beach with Amy and Chace

I know it looks like he' being studly...but it was a bit chilly that day.
(Enough to make anyone's lips pucker!)

Amy and Chace had a bike for two...but you'd never know it. I had to take this pic from my bike with the camera behind my head (random shot) turned out pretty well, huh?

The boardwalk was a BLAST!

Some take the plunge...others just take off.

Can you tell who needs the shave?

A Newborn Butterfly

This summer we had the chance to hatch 10 crysallis' in our front yard when a friend went out of town and wasn't going to be here to do it herself. What a fun job that was! Better than taking care of a dog any old day! Braden got to help it dry off it's wings just after it came out before it flew was BEAUTIFUL!