Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Days

Parker got the camera and had to document how happy he was there was no school!

I loved the snowflakes in the camera...doesn't get more real than that!

Doing whatever they can to stay warm these days...aren't they cute brothers?

Parker calls his sculpture "the Candle" he created with all his spare time.

I haven't gone crazy yet, but it's slowly feeling more and more
like summer vacation without the pool!


Lisa Burbidge said...

Good to see you still know how to have fun!!

J9 said...

I think I have seen that very same expression on my face this past week!

Tyler and Allison said...

Looks like the west coast stole all the warm weather while the east was pounded with the snow! We were enjoying the sun today, 56 degrees!! I must say though, we've been missing it for a's been a wet winter here in the northwest.

Glad to see you are enjoying it though! The boys look like their having a blast!!

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